Casualty data

What do we do to reduce road casualties?

In each of the local highways authorities, road safety professionals (road safety officers) and their teams deliver wide ranging education, training and publicity (ETP) activities to all age groups and all road user groups, to raise awareness, skills and knowledge among the road using public. The ultimate aim is to change attitudes and behaviours among all road users, making our region a much safer place to live and work.

How do we know where we should target our activities?

Each police force collects accident data on a form known as 'STATS 19'. This data is then used to populate the national database. In the north east, in an effort to get good intelligent regional data, we set up a regional data collection and analysis tool, which sits in the Traffic Accident Data Unit (TADU) at Gateshead Council. The analysts collect data from each of three police forces in the region and set it out in a standard format that the Road Safety Officers can use to identify where resources need to be directed. The data tool also helps road safety officers to plan an annual publicity programme.

TADU provides a comprehensive north east approach to the mapping of causal data and provides a more detailed analysis of casualties. In addition, by using the social marketing software package MOSAIC, targeted education, publicity and engagement can be identified to maximise the effectiveness of resources.

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