The Road Safety GB Academy offers a comprehensive range of training courses for road safety professionals, full details of which can be found on The Academy website:

Current courses offered by The Academy include:

Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course

The Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course aims to provide participants with an overview of the knowledge and skills they need to effectively and safely deliver a road safety educational intervention. 

Behavioural Change Course

This one-day course designed to give experienced and new road safety practitioners an insight into behavioural change models and techniques, and how road safety interventions can be developed that will look at the underlying issues associated with risk related behaviour, and ultimately collisions. 

Media Training Course

This two-day course covers a wide range of topics including the media landscape, the role of PR and media management, writing for news and interview scenarios including TV/OB and radio

ADI CCL Training Course

Working in partnership with eDriving Solutions, Road Safety GB has developed this two-day course to help driving instructors to develop the vital client centred learning (CCL) skills that are required to meet the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency's (DVSA) new Standards Check for driving instructors, which was introduced in April 2014.

Road Safety Delivery in a Primary School Setting

This one-day course is designed to develop a road safety practitioner’s skills to deliver an effective and engaging road safety intervention to primary school children. 

Road Safety Evaluation

This two-day course covers a wide range of topics including reasons for evaluation, E-Valu-It, before and after studies, and how to plan and pilot an evaluation. 

Social Media Course

This two-day course covers a wide range of topics including an introduction and history of social media, social media grandees and niche networks, building a fan base and measuring and evaluating impact.

Managing Work-Related Road Safety

This two-day course explains and illustrate how companies and other organisations can simply and effectively manage work-related road risk.