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Friday 29th January 2010

Young Dales motorists and bikers get cash boost to improve skills

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Young motorists and bikers are being given a cash boost to improve their skills in a drive to make Derbyshire Dales’ roads safer.

Derbyshire Dales District Council is part-funding an incentive scheme that slashes by 85% the cost of a typical skills test. It means drivers and motorcyclists aged 17-25 who live in the Derbyshire Dales and sign up before 31 March will pay just £19.

The council will contribute £70 and the Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership £50 to subsidise any young driver or rider who joins the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) with the intention of being assessed.

The incentive scheme is being backed by 24-year-old Nick Eyley, the first ambassador for young and inexperienced drivers in the Derbyshire Dales, who said: "Despite the obvious benefits of getting involved in advanced driving, cost can be an issue for many younger motorists. This funding definitely puts young people back in the driving seat.”

Click here to read the full Derbyshire Dales District Council news release.


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Comment May have a slight reservation. We all know the dangers faced on the roads of Drebyshire so support the above. However seeing that it limits age to 25 yrs its not getting at the 30 plus group of back to bike riders 600cc and above [sports bikes] who make up the majority of accident stats on its country roads.

I believe that the take up for car drivers is good but as yet 1.2.10 no motorcyclists and they are at greater risk.... I think.

Perhaps it may be opened up if this trend continues, to accomodate more mature motorcyclists. Hope so.
Bob Craven, Blackpool

Comment I hope that the info gets out there to drivers/riders to justify this initiative, which i suppport. Isnt it a pity that cost bears such a negative relationship with training, particularly those most vulnerable on the road. In my day [ many decades ago] there was the RAC/ACU training scheme run by many knowledgable volunteers. Now its all money, money, money. But glad to see something working in the right direction and hope that many more areas will follow suite.

Making the DAS riding book and the Police Advanced riding techniques more readily available in motorcycle shops would also help.
Bob Craven, Blackpool

Comment Great initiative. Additional areas could follow suit - there are other organisations and individuals that might also provide a similar service, such as RoSPA and independent instructors who offer post-test schemes supervised by the DSA.
Mark - Wiltshire

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