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Road pollution key focus of first National Clean Air Day

Thursday 15th June 2017

Motorists are being encouraged to ‘use their feet’ in support of the inaugural National Clean Air Day (NCAD), which takes place today (15 June).

The day has been co-ordinated by the environmental change charity, Global Action Plan, who says that many of the UK’s cities ‘exceed the safe and legal limits for air pollution...mainly caused by road transport’.

NCAD encourages motorists to leave their car at home - suggesting there are easy ways to use a car less, such as car-sharing or working from home one day a week. It also stresses the importance of active travel including walking and cycling.

NCAD is also focussing on electric vehicles, calling on those who upgrade their car to consider an electric or hybrid model. Global Action Plan says those who have to use a petrol or diesel vehicle should ask their dealer for the least polluting model, as they ‘vary enormously’.

Other advice for motorists include switching off engines while stationary, and making sure car tyres are fully inflated.

In a broader sense, the first NCAD will see local schools, hospitals and communities across UK cities run events and inspire other local residents to act for their own health and the health of local children.

Chris Large, partner at Global Action Plan, said: “We know that people do want to act on air pollution. But currently, they don’t know how to protect themselves and their children, or how to cut air pollution in their local area.

“[NCAD] will be a day of practical action, myth-busting and awareness-raising, so we can all breathe cleaner air.”




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