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Does policeman’s Easter road safety song hit the right notes?

Thursday 13th April 2017

A policeman from New Zealand has taken the unusual step of delivering an Easter road safety message through the medium of song.

Taking inspiration from James Cordon’s ‘carpool karaoke’, senior sergeant Nathan Davis of the Central District Police has adapted Earth, Wind and Fire's 1970s hit 'September' to include a host of road safety messages.

Singing solo as he drives along in his police car, senior sergeant Davis’ messages range from encouraging passengers to wear their seatbelts, to advising them to pull over and take a break when tired. Also mentioned in the song are the importance of driving to the road conditions, and to sticking to the speed limit.

Since the video was posted on the Central District Police’s Facebook page on 10 April, it has received almost half a million views across the globe.

Despite that success, the video hasn’t been universally supported. Critics point to the fact that the police officer, at times, takes his hands off the wheel and is not giving 100% concentration to the road.

Speaking to, senior sergeant Davis said: “People go out for a long weekend and don't come home, so it's important that message gets out there.”



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I know no one has commented about this so I will. Only in the fact that if listening to this was a punishment I believe that fewer drivers would commit offences.
Bob Craven Lancs

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