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Wednesday 5th October 2011

Parents want restrictions for new drivers

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8 out of 10 every parents want the Government to impose restrictions on new drivers for the first year after passing their test, according to a survey carried out by Brake, the road safety charity.

The survey of 1,000 parents of 17 – 21 year old drivers found that restrictions such as a lower drink-drive limit, a night-time driving curfew or a limit on passenger numbers were wanted by 4 in 5 of those questioned.

The vast majority are also willing to take steps themselves to stop risk taking: 84% said they would buy technology that prevents their child from speeding (if it was available and affordable) and 96% had spoken to their child about the importance of safe and legal driving.

The survey also found that 27% of parents think their child drives after drinking alcohol and 41% think their child drives while using a hand-held phone to call or text.

Ellen Booth, Brake's senior campaigns officer, said: “Parents of young drivers are worried and rightly so; a horrifying number of road deaths and serious injuries involve young people, but there are things they can do.

“It is vital that parents talk to teenage children about the risks of driving and crucial steps like staying within speed limits, never driving after drinking, and ensuring they and any passengers belt up.

“Brake is urging the Government to listen to parents’ concerns and introduce Graduated Driver Licensing to prevent more needless deaths and injuries caused by young drivers’ inexperience and risk taking.”

For more information contact Ellen Booth on 01484 550067.


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Comment This is yet another of Brake's cheap and cheerful bold statements, based on a small snap-shot survey that is the house style of the charity. Unfortunately, it received coverage on LBC Radio but thankfully it was derided by the presenter, Nick Ferrari.

The opening sentence in the report demonstrates Brake's sensationalist approach,"8 out of every 10 parents" wants restrictions on young drivers. This is a bit wild to say the least but the style works because, when the media want someone to comment on road safety, instead of going to RSGB or any of the other worthy commentators, they go to Brake which draws the industry into disrespect'.

Alternatively, perhaps Nick Ferrari is being shrewd, by inviting them on to the programme he is exposing Brake to ridicule by a wider audience. Hm, very crafty Nick.
Roy Buchanan, Epsom

Comment Take a look at how new and young drivers are restricted in Australia, my Grandson is one. I have for years promoted a case for graded licences as for aircraft pilots stopping new drivers driving cars too powerful for them.
Richard Porter, Bexhill on Sea

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