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The Efficacy of Young Driver Interventions (15mins)

Lauren Weston, Plymouth University

LaurenLauren Weston is a final year Psychology PhD student at the University of Plymouth. Her research concerns the over-representation of young drivers in road traffic collisions, and she is specifically interested in examining the age-related factors associated with young drivers’ heightened risk.

Some of Lauren’s recent research has investigated the role of reward and punishment sensitivity on young males’ risk-taking behaviour, the relationship between different forms of peer pressure and risky driving, and the influence of message framing on the efficacy ratings of safe-driving messages.

Lauren’s presentation will provide a review of the evidence to date concerning the efficacy of young driver interventions and will describe the results from one recent evaluation. The implications of these findings for the design and delivery of future interventions targeting young road users will be discussed, as will the broader lessons for evaluation studies.


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