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You are in: Road Safety GB Annual Conference 2012


Speakers and presentations

‘The next five years: challenges and solutions’

SESSION ONE 13.30 – 15.05


Lilli Matson

Head of Delivery Planning, Transport for London
Presentation: Welcome to London
As Transport for London’s Head of Delivery Planning, Lilli lead sTfL’s strategy and planning of surface transport priorities and projects – with a focus on managing freight and transport demand, planning for bus priority across London, promoting walking, cycling, accessible public transport and improving road safety.


Honor Byford

Vice-chair, Road Safety GB     
Presentation: The next five years: challenges and solutions

In this presentation Honor will give an overview of the progress made by Road Safety GB in the past 12 months, before looking forward to identify the challenges the organisation - and the UK road safety profession - face in the coming years.

Laura HurstEdmund King

President, Automobile Association
Presentation: Two Tribes? What drivers think about other road users?
In an environment where people are being encouraged to walk and cycle, this presentation will look at motorists' perception of vulnerable road users – cyclists, pedestrians (adults and children) and motorcyclists. Based on surveys of 20,000 drivers from the AA/Populus Panel, this presentation will provide a useful insight into the "mind of the motorist" for local authority road safety teams, police forces, fire services and government departments and help them build active travel plans and strategies to minimise risk on our roads. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Peter Sadler

Principal Delivery Planner, TfL
Presentation: Motorcycle policy development in London

SESSION TWO 15.30 – 17.00


Iain reeveIain Reeve

Assistant Director, Economy, Transport
and Planning,
Surrey County Council

Louise LLoydLouise Lloyd

Chartered Statistician, TRL
Presentation: The link between casualties and demographic data – and the importance of vehicle design
Surrey has seen a halving the number of people killed on its roads in just the last four years. Half way through 2012 there have been just five fatalities, compared with typical fatalities five years ago of five a month. Against this background, Surrey County Council was surprised when the Government withdrew funding for annual TRL research into its casualty statistics, and has taken the unusual decision to pay for this research itself - for the benefit of all local authorities and particularly to understand its own casualty trends. Rather than repeating the usual statistical work, Surrey has commissioned TRL to carry out innovative research into the links between casualties and demographic data, and into the effect of vehicle design. This is beginning to give an unprecedented insight into what causes casualties, and what local authorities can do about it.


JonJon Shortland

Account Director

BasilBasil Jackson

Assistant Director for Highways and Transportation, Central Bedfordshire Council
Presentation: The benefits of outsourcing road safety ETP
With no sign budgets will increase, the public and private sector must work together on alternative ways to maintain the UK’s record on keeping people safe on the roads. Central Bedfordshire Council has seen a 30% fall in people killed or seriously injured in road accidents since ‘outsourcing’ its road safety education, training and publicity to Amey last year. The new system is also 10% cheaper than when ETP was delivered in house. This presentation will discuss how and why the two organisations came together to implement this pioneering outsourced road safety contract, and share experience about the challenges involved and the benefits that outsourcing road safety can bring.


Laura HurstLaura Hurst

Evidence Based Researcher, Cornwall Council
Presentation: A practical application of behaviour change techniques into road safety education initiatives
Laura is the Evidence Based Researcher for Cornwall Council, working as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate in conjunction with University of Plymouth. Laura has completed reports examining the evidence on four key risk groups; deprivation, motorcyclists, young drivers and older road users. She provides recommendations from the evidence to improve existing practice for education, engineering and enforcement within the council and leads change management teams in adopting the recommendations and implementing the findings. Laura has also examined Cornwall road safety team’s current activities to identify which behavioural change techniques are currently utilised, and written a report and delivered training on how to improve the range of BCTs used to maximise effectiveness in road safety interventions. Laura’s presentation builds upon previous work on BCTs and presents a practical model for identifying which techniques to use when developing new education initiatives and when reviewing potential behaviour change effectiveness of existing interventions.

Dr Martin Langham

Managing Director, User Perspective
Presentation: Working with psychologists - a new (and cost effective) way for road safety officers to prevent crashes.

User Perspective provides human factors research and development services to UK and overseas governments, major transport providers and industry regulators. The company provides forensic investigation services to almost all UK police forces and the royal coroner, and provides behavioural research and investigation services to HM Government and the Ministry of Defence. Evidence shows that accidents or crashes are caused by human error in 95% of cases. However road safety officers are generally not trained in psychology or human engineering so this short talk aims to give an insight into human performance and behaviour. Case studies will be presented and an outline method for using psychological research that can be used by road safety professionals will be discussed.  The aim is to equip a road safety officer with the ability to look at a site of multiple accidents and understand what can be done effectively and within budget to prevent incidents - without resorting to posters, leaflets or banners!

SESSION THREE 09.00 – 10.30


Alan kennedyAlan Kennedy

Road Safety Section Manager, Durham County Council & Chair of Road Safety GB
Presentation: Surviving in Hard Times - The Durham Experience
In this presentation Alan will talk about the need to think positively and have a belief in one’s ability. He will explain how this approach has helped him to maintain the ETP services provided by his team despite reductions in budgets and staff. He will also explain how the team has refocused to enable it to work more efficiently and effectively, and how ‘paid-for’ services for individuals and private sector organisations have been developed to help the team contribute to the cost of delivery. Alan will also give his experience of engaging with those who 'need to know' within the Local Authority about road safety services and the importance of raising the team profile.

Steve WrightSteve Wright

Routes Road Safety

Darren LindseyDarren Lindsey

Michelin Tyre
Presentation: Leveraging private sector support to supplement dwindling public sector funds
This presentation will show how private sector support can augment and develop dwindling public sector funds. Darren Lindsey will explain, from a corporate social responsibility perspective, why Michelin is keen to support road safety initiatives; and Steve Wright will outline how Puppet Broadcasting has adapted to the changing climate. Both presenters will show how their partnership has successfully worked with road safety teams and how their method of delivery can provide low cost and effective resources.

Liz BrookerLiz Brooker

Road Safety and Sustainable Transport Manager, London Borough of Lewisham

Jan Deans

CEO, Dynamic Group
Presentation: Road safety on a shoestring
Using the new ‘Good Egg Guide for Parents of New Drivers’ as a case study, this presentation will outline how it is possible to run an effective young driver social marketing initiative on behalf of Road Safety GB’s members while requiring minimal amounts of their time/ investment - with the support of like-minded private sector partners, the Arnold Clark Group and The Co–operative Insurance.

Alan kennedyAmi Mintzer

Vice-President, Educational Projects, Cinema Park Network (CPN)
Presentation: Cinema Drive: a multi-sensory educational program combating teens' road accidents
CPN is a worldwide leader in the production of multi-sensory life-changing educational programs. 'Cinema Drive', CPN's new program targets young drivers and addresses all human factors: driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, distracted driving, peer pressure, speeding, fatigue and seat belts. The program makes use of state-of-art technologies, such as 3D projection, surround sound and wireless interactive system. In his presentation at the conference, Mr. Mintzer will introduce CPN's field-proven educational intervention, and the participants will experience the 3D projection and the wireless interactive system.

SESSION FIVE 13.15 – 15.15


Julie DagnallJulie Dagnall

Car Seat Safety

Jenny KingJenny King

Head of Home Research, Which?
Presentation:   Child car seats – how can we make them safer?    
In this presentation Jenny King will outline the findings of a mystery shopping exercise which highlighted that parents are still getting incorrect and potentially dangerous advice from retailers on how to fit child car seats. She will also outline the Which? retailers charter, which is intended to raise standards of advice going forward. Julie Dagnall will explain that Child Seat Safety provides training and advice to anyone responsible for the fitting of child restraints, and the only nationally accredited training course which has been licenced by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Richard Hall

North Lincolnshire Council & Road Safety GB Specialist for SCP Service
Presentation: Walked Routes to School – how to use the new Guidelines
Road Safety GB’s Assessment of Walked Routes to School Guidelines have been comprehensively reviewed and an updated version was published in March 2012. This presentation will examine why the guidelines were put together, how they differ from the usual risk assessments, how RSOs can use them and how they fit into an authority's schools transport policy.

Andrew ClaytonDr Andrew Clayton

RSN Associates
Presentation: Interlocks - their role in reducing drink-driving
From 1966-79, Andrew was a member of the Accident Research Unit, University of Birmingham, with particular interest in the influence of alcohol and other drugs on driver behaviour. In 1985 he became executive director of BITER - The British Institute of Traffic Education Research. In 1998 he was a specialist adviser to a House of Lords Committee investigating blood alcohol levels for drivers and in 2000 he jointly established RSN Associates with Valerie Platt.  In 2004-06, he was the project manager for a DfT-funded field study into the usefulness, acceptability and impact on lifestyle of alcohol ignition interlocks. In 2007-08, he undertook a worldwide review into the use of interlocks, also on behalf of DfT.

Naomi BasterNaomi Baster

Policy and Research Officer, PACTS
Presentation: Safe mobility for an ageing population

Naomi will present the findings from a report published by PACTS in March 2012. The title ‘It’s my choice’ reflects the main theme of the report: helping older people to help themselves, so that they can make better, safer, well-informed choices. The ideal which PACTS envisages is one where the transport system, and older people’s perceptions of the system, does not place any unnecessary restrictions on their mobility or impact on their quality of life. PACTS believes that driving should be made as safe as possible for as long as possible, through increased awareness and self-assessment and a national standard course available to all older drivers. The presentation will explore the demographic changes in the UK before going on to discuss safety and mobility, and bringing the two together in policy.

Ian VincentChief Inspector Ian Vincent, Met Police

Presentation: Exchanging Places
The Metropolitan Police is working with Transport for London ,the City of London Police , Brake, numerous haulage companies, the Mineral Products Association, Arriva, Cross Rail and road safety officers to raise awareness among lorry drivers and cyclists of the difficulties faced by both groups when using the Capital's roads. Exchanging Places events allow cyclists to experience an  HGV driver's view of the road and get a better understanding of the blind spots around the vehicle. The purpose is to raise awareness of the dangers of collisions between cyclists and  large vehicles . Exchanging Places  is an award winning scheme that has been acknowledged as an effective safety demonstration for highlighting the dangers that cyclists face when they travel in close proximity to large vehicles.

dil sidhuDil Sidhu, MBA, MSc, MA, CMCT

London Business School

Dil is programme director corporate within the Executive Education function at London Business School, where he combines learning and development initiatives with a foundation of commercial sector experience. His ‘Science of Influence and Persuasion’ workshops and keynote speeches have been delivered to numerous public and commercial organisations.

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