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Tuesday 28 March 2017

Percentage of roads in ‘poor’ condition on the rise

A new report has found that 17% of roads across England and Wales are in ‘poor’ condition, meaning they need to be repaired within the next five years.


Toolkit helps authorities organise ‘Slow Down Days’

Ahead of the UN Global Road Safety Week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is encouraging local authorities to host ‘Slow Down Days’, and has teamed up with 20’s Plenty to help them organise such an event.

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Overhaul of driver eyesight regulations would ‘make Britain’s roads safer’

GEM Motoring Assist is calling for an overhaul of driver eyesight regulations, suggesting a more detailed test would ‘cut collisions and make Britain’s roads safer’.

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Devon and Somerset FRS to pilot VR technology

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service is the latest organisation to pilot virtual reality (VR) technology, using a video developed by the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service.


Government urged to create Road Collision Investigation Branch

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) is calling on the Government to create a UK Road Collision Investigation Branch to boost efforts to reduce the number of road collisions and casualties.

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Speed cameras deliver ‘significant reduction in road traffic accidents’

A new study has concluded that, on average, the number of road traffic collisions reduces by 30% at sites where speed cameras are deployed.

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M25 ALR schemes are ‘achieving safety objectives’

Second year evaluation of two sections of all-lane running (ALR) on the M25 have found that both are, at the minimum, ‘achieving their objectives of maintaining safety performance’, with one section exceeding expectations.

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RSGB in 'productive' meeting with South Korean delegation

Representatives from the Road Safety GB management team have today (20 Mar) had a ‘productive’ meeting with a delegation from the Republic of Korea (South Korea) to discuss road safety.

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New video highlights dangers of driving for work

With figures showing that they are involved in a third of all road crashes, IAM RoadSmart has produced a short video highlighting the dangers faced by people driving for work.

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LATEST: Children in Scotland benefit from training kit donation

ALSO: America: Uber suspends self-driving cars after crash & Brake renews calls to make roads 'safer and brighter' in the evenings



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